one is lucky, the other... not.

An actual texting conversation from Tyler and I last night. We are in different cities, but paid the same price on hotwire for hotel rooms.

Tyler: This room is Effing nice 5:19 PM
Tyler: Kind of similar to the alt summit suite . 5:20 PM
Tyler: Two huge tvs 5:20 PM

Me: ha Are you serious or just messing with me. 5:22 PM

Tyler: Serious. I think I made a friend in the front desk lady. 5:22 PM
Tyler: And my tv is telling me that BYU v Utah is next 5:23 PM

Me: Are you in heaven, or what? 5:25 PM
Me: Lolz. We just checked in- our room is a total dump. I can see why nobody recommended it on hotwire 5:25 PM

Tyler: This is just too ironic. Me, alone in penthouse, you, crammed in a dump with 2 kids 5:27 PM
Tyler: Also, Free parking. The lady told me just park in the valet spaces. Nobody will know. 5:28 PM

Me: My lady was like, you are on the 4th floor, oh and the elevator is broken. No joke. 5:30 PM

Tyler: My lady asked me which floor I preferred and which view. City or river. No joke. 5:30 PM

Me: My lady just asked, do you prefer Bedbugs or druken frat boys next door? No joke. 5:31 PM

Tyler: My lady asked if I preferred breakfast in bed or full body massages. No joke. 5:32 PM
Tyler: Honestly that was the most pleasant check-in ever. 5:34 PM

Me: Also there is one double bed for the three of us. 5:34 PM

Tyler: Well I have an extra couch. 5:35 PM

Me: Ummm.... I have a dirty bathtub? 5:36 PM

Tyler: I have a modern yet elegant bathroom 5:36 PM

Tyler: You should post this as a blog post tonight 5:38 PM
Tyler: I think it is really funny 5:38 PM

Me: Good one. I'm dying laughing on the inside. I'd flop on the bed laughing but the bedbugs would eat me. 5:49 PM

Tyler: I would lay on the bed, but it is so feathery soft I would fall right asleep. 5:50 PM

Me: Gah!!!!!! 5:52 PM


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