things in list form.

1.  Did you know you can bid on a Blue Lily session, benefitting Valerie Koop, fellow photog right now?  Go here for more details! Our specific link is here, if you are wanting to book with us this would be a great way.

2.  Did you know that we are holding a goPro 2 REUNION workshop? Yes. It's true. All 5 workshops will come together for extreme magazine type shoots and pee-in-your-pants type fun.  And the date has finally been decided:  August 25-28th in the Salt Lake City area.  We are thrilled to do the follow-up that all of the workshoppers have been asking for. It will be epic times two and we can't wait.  

3. Did you hear it was my birthday yesterday?  LOL.  It's like I always say, if you make your birthday awesome, it will be awesome. Only, this time, TYLER made it awesome. And about 30 friends and family members. I'll have to tell you about it sometime; it's quite the story, involving getting kicked out of the beach house, tears, drama, extreme relaxation, and tons and tons of fun and happiness.  Tyler is an amazing, amazing person. The end.

4.  We still have room in our enlighten:Lite camera workshops for beginners around the globe. If interested, please visit here for the list of locations and dates.  

5. Our departure is in t-2 days.  HEAVEN HELP US!

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