The Courting of Wendy Barson- A Hip Hopera in 6 parts, by tyler

By Tyler

OK- Time for confession 1- although it would be off the hook (see what i did there?) if this were really a hip hopera, (do you see now?  off the hook?  forget it) it is not.  I just like typing hip hopera.

I am glad to have that off of my massive pecs (is that inappropriate?  if not, it is at least false advertising).  

Let us begin.

The Ballad Of The Courting of Wendy Barson (what is my problem?)

The Courting of Wendy Barson

My Dad only ever suggested that I date one girl. (cue dramatic music!  maybe it is too soon...  take a fiver on the dramatic music!)

I was at college at the time. (cue dramatic music)

At the end of our weekly call he let slip that there had been a really cute redhead at church.  He suggested I call her up and invite her on a date.  I suggested that he not meddle in my love life.  I had been set up one too many times to fall into that trap.  (I had been set up once.)  After that experience, I had decided that if nothing else, hobbits were not my type.  Oh, and that i would not fall for the set-up again.  I mean- it is called being set up for a reason. (When I am feeling hyper I use too many parentheticals) (sorry) (deal with it) (or don't) (see what i mean) (totally needless) (cannot stop) (but, must)

Luckily fate decided to meddle.  I mainly refer to fate for dramatic effect.  (cue dramatic...)

One of my best friends was in town for the weekend and his girlfriend (who thankfully, did not become his wife) insisted that we could not hang out alone and that i could not hang out with them unless i brought a date.  (what a sweetheart.)  I told him that I should just have to call the first name in my black book.  I did not actually have a black book.  Because I am not a total (fill in the blank)  I did have false bravado- in spades.

I was sort of seeing someone at the time so I thought I had it nailed down.  She had other plans.  PANIC.  Then I remembered that my dad had suggested I call the red head.  I thought as long as her feet are not covered in hair it would be better than the hobbit. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for part deux.


Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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