road trip(s)

FIRST, travel update: Raleigh, Charlotte and Atlanta are now live for signups. Sydney and Canberra, Australia are underway!

Over the last 3 weekends we've logged in over 3300 miles on our car.  It's no secret we're sort of addicted to the road trips and/or any-kind-of-vehicle- trip. 

If you have a second to read, these are some highlights of our trips around the western states:

-the kids? awesome travelers... in all those hours in the car, neither child cried. Not one single time. I'm so proud.

-the scenery. All this rain has made everything stinkin' gorgeous. Green, green green. I've decided I don't really, truly think a scene is breathtaking unless it's cloudy and overcast. It just makes everything so much more colorful.

-teaching our tiny ones to love nature. They love hiking and exploring especially.

-listening to the kids talk about all the new places we've seen, after we get home.

-Seeing them realize what it is that we "do" for a living. We let them watch us shoot; suddenly, Isaac and Isabelle are obsessed with taking pix. Isaac especially seems to try and get "the best shot", hunting around for a good focal point. Izzy just likes the "click". :)

-Watching the kids play with an old tripod with their cousins for HOURS.  They were staging shots and taking turns pretending to be models. BE STILL MY HEART.

Next year we've decided to take the kids out of school and be nomads, free to travel wherever, whenever, teaching them when and what we want. I'm so, so excited.

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Tyler and I have some cool pictures from a 5 am hike we took one morning. We'll post after edit, but here's just one.

I love my Ty.

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