We are like, the best.

I find photographers humorous that proclaim themselves to be the BEST.  I run into a lot of them on twitter.  

"Best CA Photographer"

"World’s Best Wedding Photographer"

My take, let your work speak for itself.  That's the thing that makes photography such a rich medium.  It speaks to us.  All of us have been moved by photography.  It is powerful.  

I have never seen a photographer whose work I admire praise themselves quite so openly.

Having said that, I am the BEST photographer EVAR!  

(it is pretty obnoxious.)  

Wow.  Here's to hoping you readers are familiar, by now, with our sarcasm.

**** We have a new wedding website.  Can you handle one more?  Really, is three websites overkill?  Oh well.  And it looks the same, pretty much as the main one. Oh well times two.

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