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Many of you have been wondering what to wear for your upcoming Blue Lily shoot, and I've been meaning to put together a guide for some time.  Here it is!  Styles evolve over time, not to mention photography trends. With that in mind, here are my suggestions for what to wear. 

It's pain and simple: I love color in my pictures, I love a fun vibrant feel- so my suggestions will follow that line.  But, if you don't fancy yourself a mix-it/match-it kind of family, don't fret!  Wear what you want. Wear what makes you happy. Wear what you will like to stare at for years to come!

My post processing and editing really makes colors pop. Especially reds, greens, bold blues and other jewel tones.  I think what also makes a picture is attention to detail- and for fall, what could be better than some fun layers?  Your kids will be thinking, "But mom... I already have two shirts on..."  Who cares!  Layer them up and feel free to add scarves or hats or whatnot. Be daring!

If a family came to me and told me I got to be in charge of their wardrobe, this is what I'd buy for them (or find right inside their closet): (Seriously, hats and accessories throw any outfit over the edge into the realm of INSANE ADORABLENESS)


All these clothes and those below are from Mini Boden.


I think I only need to make suggestions for kids because women have it together, right? And men, do they even care?  No, really I think a good idea for parents is just to pull a solid color out of the childrens' clothes and go with that, with jeans and a jacket or sweater, or it's really nice when mom wears a dress.  

I hope this helps.  The most important thing to remember is that I'll be suggesting that you stand, sit, walk and do a number of different activities during your session, so don't wear anything too short or low cut, ladies!

Have we come a long way since the jean shirt/khaki pants family portrait phase or what?!

As a parting note, thank you for all your kind sentiments and advice on what to do about motion sickness.  I'll try out the suggestions and see what works best... and who knows, maybe someday I can attempt a cruise. 

Also: Here is a random pic of my feet after 2 days of shoots, walking DC up and down, and standing.  Poor fat feet!

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