The imaginary friend

When I was a kid I somehow heard about imaginary friends and how lots of children have them. I didn't have one. But it sounded SO COOL to have one. My best friend Kristen had one named Lisie Kinder. She was so cool (Kristen was, not Lisie, as I never met her...).

But yes, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't imagine one up. Apparently that's not how it works! So imagine my delight when one day Isabelle told me about her friends, Tina and Tralala. 

Tina and Tralala were her invisible friends. They were so fun for her, and we loved hearing stories about them. We would hear about their games they'd play, their tender moments, their fights, even now and then about Tina and Tralala's extended family. It was so cute and endearing.

One day we were all in the car and Belle was filling us in on all the latest gossip about T & T.  She said, "Tina doesn't want Tralala to keep making fun of him, but Tralala KEEPS making fun of him, so Tina is really mad."

Tyler said, "Wait, why are you calling Tina a boy? You should say Tralala is making fun of HER."

Belle replied, "DAD.  Tina is a boy."

We all kind of sat there, stunned. Tina? Our friend Tina was a boy?

"Oh, ok," Tyler responded. "My bad."


Images from Cape Cod.

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I have no stories today. But since I'm here and you are here, let me get a thank you out of the way- I'm glad that we've begun keeping up this blog again, and I want to thank you readers for the delightful comments you leave here and on our Facebook page, and for encouraging us along the way. It's a nice little corner of the interwebs that we have here, thanks to you.

Happy Wednesday, we are headed to Phoenix for some sun.


Photos from Boston, Massachusetts.

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Once Tyler told Isabelle he would pay her $50 to get her ears peirced.

Mainly this was because she kept saying how she wanted to do it, year after year. But, she was too scared of the pain that her friends told her about. "Mom, it's like 5 minutes of extreme pain!!" she would say. I would laugh because Isabelle is super tough with pain and I knew it wouldn't be a big deal.

Isaac would pester her to do it. Secretly I think he thought she was wasting an opportunity that he was socially "not allowed" to have.  He pestered her so much that finally she broke and asked him never to say the word "Earrings" again.

That's when Tyler stepped in with his outrageous bribe.  The $50 bribe that she turned down.

"No- I'm just too afraid," she said.

Then one day when we were in Spain, she said, "Mom- I really want to get my ears pierced. Today."

And so we did. 

Isaac was so proud of her that he filmed the whole thing from multiple angles. When it was over he practically had tears in his eyes. 

She looked adorable. As soon as I got to wondering whether Tyler would still offer the $50, outrageous bribe, Isabelle exclaimed, "I'm so glad I didn't take any bribes- it was worth waiting till I was ready for it!"

'Atta girl!


Here are some pictures of our thrashed hotel room in Valencia, Spain. It's a strange set but Belle's earring shows :)

for your Monday Morning

Tyler showed me this adorable, delightful, inspiring video last week and I am excited to share it with you. Click below to see 2 adorable ladies take on a travel adventure. You won't be able to not smile! 

It's an 8 minute video which is quite long, but I thought it was very worth it. 

Have a great Monday everyone!


Photos from Seattle, Washington.

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