Happy 8th Birthday, Isabelle

Isabelle turned eight in April, and believe it or not, we did her birthday shoot early!  But now we are posting it three months late so... meh.

Isabelle chose to be a flamenco dancer for this shoot- I think she was influenced by all the flamenco dresses we saw in shops while in Spain. She was able to go shopping for this dress and- in what is really quite a sad story- found several dresses she liked waaaaay better than this very very inexpensive (I think it was about $7) dress.  Except those dresses were beautiful, handmade, $300 dresses. So we didn't go that route and she was a bit disappointed. For about two seconds. Then, in typical fabulous Izzy fashion, she was over it and on to the next thing to see.

We really enjoyed the Spain trip with Isabelle. Everything was exciting, she was pointing everywhere and fascinated by both Spanish cities and countryside alike. She is such a spunky, energetic little ball of fire that it's hard not to be happy around her. 

Isabelle brings life into our family and we wouldn't be the same without her. She celebrated for a solid week- it's true what they say. Eight is great!

Happy belated birthday to you, sweet Izzy.


Photos taken in Sevilla, Spain.

Belle's 4th birthday 

Belle's 5th birthday (Japan)

Belle's 6th birthday (France)

Belle's 7th birthday (N.Y.C)

Another game

We got some good feedback on sharing that mind game for the iPad last week, so I thought I'd share one more that my good friend Reyna just shared with me. 

Want to "secretly teach kids algebra," as the app claims?  Check out Dragon Box for the iPhone and iPad. We've only been on it for about 1 hour total but the kids do love it, sure enough. 

I mean, sure-- I'm no educator or anything so take these recommendations with a very large grain of salt- but this is a good one. 

I think my kids' brains look bigger already. Hahaha.


Pictures from Brasilia, Brazil.

Toast and Jam

In a town called Muskegon, Michigan, we escaped our campsite to go out to breakfast one morning. Yelp suggested a joint called Toast n' Jams. We headed out and were quickly seated. 

The waitress was super chatty and suggested to our children that they choose a meal that came with their special jam.  "It tastes like candy!" she exclaimed, to try to get them on board.

When the hot plates came, Belle was eager to try out the toast and jam. She picked up the little container, sized perfectly for a little one. "Mom!" she said with a huge smile. "I can tell I'm going to like this jam just by licking it!"


Photos from Annapolis, Maryland.

Bree Hester 10_25_2013012.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013045.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013075.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013139.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013141.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013194.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013300.jpg