Another game

We got some good feedback on sharing that mind game for the iPad last week, so I thought I'd share one more that my good friend Reyna just shared with me. 

Want to "secretly teach kids algebra," as the app claims?  Check out Dragon Box for the iPhone and iPad. We've only been on it for about 1 hour total but the kids do love it, sure enough. 

I mean, sure-- I'm no educator or anything so take these recommendations with a very large grain of salt- but this is a good one. 

I think my kids' brains look bigger already. Hahaha.


Pictures from Brasilia, Brazil.

Toast and Jam

In a town called Muskegon, Michigan, we escaped our campsite to go out to breakfast one morning. Yelp suggested a joint called Toast n' Jams. We headed out and were quickly seated. 

The waitress was super chatty and suggested to our children that they choose a meal that came with their special jam.  "It tastes like candy!" she exclaimed, to try to get them on board.

When the hot plates came, Belle was eager to try out the toast and jam. She picked up the little container, sized perfectly for a little one. "Mom!" she said with a huge smile. "I can tell I'm going to like this jam just by licking it!"


Photos from Annapolis, Maryland.

Bree Hester 10_25_2013012.jpg
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Bree Hester 10_25_2013075.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013139.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013141.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013194.jpg
Bree Hester 10_25_2013300.jpg

geek out

It's getting bad, my friends. The kids are so old and talkative now that Tyler and I can barely have a conversation while on a road trip without the kids interrupting because of their curiosity about whatever topic of discussion.

"WHO was at the beach mom?"

"Where were you when you did that?"

"Why do you feel that way, mom?

Hahaha. They are curious little people who love other people and stories and facts and all kinds of knowledge. 

However-- sometimes Tyler and I just want to talk to each other! So yesterday, on hour 29 of driving, we lent the little people our iPads. On the iPads, I installed a game called Monument Valley.  It's such an amazing little brain game- beautiful as well, with cool sound effects.  The kids LOVE this game but they say it is very hard. If you have kids that are allowed to play on tablets, check the game out. It is a problem solving game unlike others I've seen (but I haven't really seen that many). 


Images from near Detroit, Michigan.