Kansas, Toto!


We just got back from Kansas.  I made the amazingly original and hilarious statement, “We are not in Kansas anymore" upon leaving the state.  I know, I know.  Pretty stellar.

We put on our yearly reunion workshop for photographers who have attended our standard workshop at some point.  

We put it on at Meg Duerksen’s Craft House.  I believe that I am the first man to have ever stepped foot inside.  Don’t ruin this for me with facts, please.  

The house is old and big and beautiful.  Meg has managed to make it inspiring and alive.  

In this setting, I was able to spend four days with old friends.  There is little in life that is more satisfying and important to me than time spent with friends.  

I was overcome with gratitude to them and by extension all of the friends in my life.  I feel so lucky to do a thing that I love and to meet such amazing people along the way.  

It was also so inspiring to me.  I want to live meaningfully.  I want to give love to my friends and let them support me in return.   Thank you friends old and new for adding so deeply to my life.  

Also, this happened