For the last two years, our family has experienced a lot of change. When your family spends a lot of time publicly sharing your life together online, in great detail and picture, one adventure after another, it’s really hard to keep sharing your life when things don’t go as planned. Tyler and I always wanted Blue Lily to be two things- a positive place online where people can come and read our stories of travel and life experiences, and an uplifting experience in person where we could bond with people through taking portraits. 

Early last year, Tyler and I separated. Yes, it was every bit as hard as you can imagine. So much change and emotion and uncertainty. It’s been really hard to talk about publicly. Especially since we have remained close friends and business partners, and most importantly, we are committed to each other as a parenting team. 

Now seems like a time when we can both come to our readers and clients and tell you what’s been going on behind the scenes, and we really hope that you can understand why we weren’t super sure about how to do this for so long. I suppose we finally realized that even though we are divorced, we have found a happy balance once again in our family, and we can trust that you won’t change your feelings about us. 

We feel normal again. Isaac and Isabelle are thriving, Blue Lily Photo is growing and stretching, and we are still the same people. We are a divorced couple who goes on an occasional work trip or camping vacation together. We eat dinner together, walk the kids to school together, laugh together, snowboard together, and have learned how to be this new kind of family together. 

Trust us, great things are ahead, just like so many wonderful things we’ve been lucky to experience in the past. Please don’t give up on us. We are Wendy and Tyler, Isaac and Isabelle. We are Blue Lily Photo. We want to hang out with you and know you and photograph you and laugh with you. And we certainly want to keep you as friends. Thanks for tuning in, we appreciate you all.


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