Castle Dale

Between Salt Lake and Goblin Valley there is a town called Castle Dale. There isn’t much out there.  It is high dry desert.  

As we drove by, Izzy noticed the sign for the town and let out a shriek the same pitch as the death knell rings you hear in your ear from time to time, that you may have heard is the last time you will ever hear that note.  I feared it would be the last time I heard.  But, when the ringing subsided I was able to hear a question.

“Can we please please please go there?”


“To the Castle”


“To the castle at Castle Dale,”  this said exasperatedly.  

“Oh, Izzy, there isn’t actually a castle there”

“That’s total clickbait.”

This was maybe the best line I’ve ever heard. 


Photos from Sacramento, CA

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah