Blue Lightning!

Now that we live in Salt Lake City, we are having all kinds of new experiences and I feel like I'm always reviewing in my head the differences between living out of a car or trailer on the road to having a house, schools, multiple pets, etc. I'm always exclaiming how our kids are "real" children now, because they have furniture and their own rooms and play dates.

The most recent "real" children occurrence was that we put them on an indoor soccer team. This was at Belle's insistence and Isaac was kind of just along for the ride.  This soccer league turned out to be the best one they could have joined as beginners at age 8 and 10. And by that I mean, no child out there really knows what they are doing, save one or two per team, and its pretty much just pure crazy madness on the indoor field.

There are 8 games to the season and on Monday we took the kids to game 7.  On the way there Isaac chimed out in a defeated voice, "I know you guys keep saying it's not about winning, it's about having fun... but I sure am tired of losing. I feel like I really need a win to continue."

Yes, their little team called Blue Lightning had never won a game. In fact they get beaten pretty soundly every time. Even though every team is a motley crew of mismatched ages and sizes, their team seems to be the most... challenged. One time Isabelle was defending against a boy who was at least 6 foot 2 inches. (She didn't bat an eye.)  

It is under these circumstances we showed up to game seven. I made sure to quickly do some obnoxiously loud and grating cheers about being aggressive to the kids before they ran off. Then Tyler and I went to the store because it was our turn to bring team snacks and we had forgotten. 

Upon our return, Blue Lighting was up 3-0! I nearly peed my pants. We spent the next 45 minutes watching Blue Lightning kick the other team's booties. It was so fun. Our kids were electrified and when the buzzer rang to end the game at 8-4, all the parents and all the little lightnings went totally crazy. A total Rudy moment. 

On the way home we chattered about the win and how great it was and how awesome it does feel to win. Finally after a few minutes of being completely excited and beside ourselves, Isabelle spoke up and said, "So it turns out that maybe the most important thing about playing team sports is having fun... but the only way to do that is to WIN."


Photos from Sacramento, California.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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