We've watched, as the years go by, the slippery slope of documenting life. When Tyler and I got married we had no camera at all. Two years in, and a cute little digital camera was ours. Four years in and we had saved up for a real DSLR. Six years in, and the iPhone came out with it's camera that seemed pretty awesome at the time. Suddenly we had thousands and thousands of personal family photos documenting basically every moment. This is a wonderful thing, as it's really fun to go back and look at our lives.

Then we started off on our world tours. Year one, we hauled our DSLR's everywhere and documented everything. Our blog had the strongest content it's ever had (in my opinion) and we had pictures and stories from all our stops. Year two, I gave in to simply carrying my iPhone while Tyler took some incredible images of our family traveling. I'll never be able to thank him enough for those! 

Year three of the world tour, Instagram was pretty much the most awesome thing ever, so I made a home there and Tyler took travel pictures on a much lighter basis of things that caught his eye. It was this year of our tour when we realized that sometimes, we weren't experiencing our travels to the fullest. It's much easier to experience things without a camera to your face. However, we have hardly any pictures of us compared to the other years. 

I think a lot about what this means and what we should do about it- but ultimately I have decided that a few pictures of a place or an event is just as good as a few hundred. Looking at any picture of where you've been will still bring back all the memories, and if you take less, you'll have more memories to reflect on. That's what I hope, anyway. 

To be honest I really have no idea of what I'm saying or whether it's true- and am I really just making excuses for the lack of photo documentation? I hope not. I hope that we have been experiencing more through our actual eyes and not so worried about the perfect click. 

What is your opinion on this? Do you find yourselves going somewhere just for the pictures, or missing moments because of a camera in your face? Maybe it's just me. :)


From Atlanta, Georgia.

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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