Bank on it

Going to the bank has always been fun for the kids. Our bank, no matter where in the country, always hands out lollipops after my transaction and of course the kids love that. 

One day I needed to visit the bank and we were in a big hurry, so I told the kids I was going to go in by myself, and I left them in the truck with Tyler.  Inside the bank I overheard a man talking to the teller. He had in his hand a torn in half five dollar bill.

"Excuse me lady, but how much can you give me for this?" He handed her the bill. Immediately it was clear to me that he was homeless and doing anything he could to get his next meal. I braced myself for what could be a rude reply from the teller.

"Well, sir," replied the lady behind the glass, "This is...."  I could tell she was struggling with what to say. "It's not really worth anything, I'm so sorry. I need the whole bill."

"Oh!" he said, trying to sound upbeat. "That's ok, I figured as much."  

He quickly turned and shuffled out of the bank. Just as he got to the door, I saw another employee quickly come up to the man with a bill in his hand. He got the man's attention and offered the bill, tucked in his palm, as a handshake. They shook hands and the homeless man looked the other guy right in the eyes. "Thank you," he said lightly.  

Right then I realized I was just standing there like a gawking moron. I finished my transaction and then returned to the truck.  I couldn't see the man anywhere.  I retold this whole story to my family as Tyler reversed the truck and we went on our way. 

As we drove off, I heard a few little sniffles from the back seat. Isaac was fully crying and Isabelle had tears in her eyes. "Guys! What's the matter?" I asked.

Isabelle explained, "I'm just so happy that man got some money. He probably really needed to eat."

Isaac wiped away his tears and said, "Mom, why didn't you let me go in with you? I would have given him all my money. And I have a lot saved."

I realized then that I will never, ever reach the level of compassion my kids have. They have so much to teach me and I'm willing to learn.


From Houston, Texas.

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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