The mandantory recap, and the next goPro workshop

*** The next goPro workshop is set for January 18-19th, 2013 in San Diego, California!  Read the bottom of this post for more details.***


Happy Monday morning, friends.

You know you had a great weekend when you wake up Sunday morning and feel like you were hit by a train. It took Tyler and I probably about 4 hours to "wake up" this morning- we were exhaustapooped. The goPro Reunion was  a success!

We convened in Breckenridge, Colorado in a giant cabin full of taxidermy. It was a tiny bit weird to have dead animals watching our every move, but the house was really nice. 

Among the activities of the weekend: practice family shoots, childrens' session, paint war, terrific video conferencing lectures, playing with random wild foxes, gondola rides, and dizzy heads from altitude sickness. 

The goPro Reunions differ from the actual goPro workshops in that they are more laid back, and allow for people to become drawn together through their love  and passion for photography. You can learn so much by handing out with a knowledgeable, experienced group of photographers, and we felt like this reunion, the attendees made lifelong friends.  

Here are some photos showing moments from the weekend- and, if you are an instagram user, you can get a wonderful photo review of what went on by using the #goproreunion hashtag.  

Let it be said that this reunion was Meta. And I'm not even sure what that means :)

(I wanted to include our official group photo for 2012, but Tyler and I were too busy holding a 100 pound cougar carcass and couldn't reach our cameras. So we'll have to wait for somebody else to email us a copy.)

Isaac and Isabelle were spoiled rotten by the reunioners. SPOILED ROTTEN.  But, they looked dang cute for their shoot- which involved the most awesome animal heads. 

Below are a few pictures of the families who modeled for us one night. I can't say for sure, but I suspect their children were robots because they were willing to do anything we wanted, and that's just not normal. And, they were suspiciously able to last the entire session without complaint.

Taxidermy mixed with a lecture on off camera flash. 

We had a color war planned for 2011's goPro reunion, and our models didn't show up. So a few reunioners decided to do it themselves while the rest of the group photographed. It ended up being so fun that we were glad the models flaked out. 

This year, we did it again, but with paint this time.  Amazing.

I thought it would be cool to put up a white background and fling paint on people, then have them walk away and you'd see an outline of their bodies on the background. Just FYI, it didn't work. But, the paint flinging was fun anyway!


Yes- it was a smashing success- thanks for reading all about it.  


Info about the next goPro workshop-  for all those who are looking to go professional or simply gain a comprehensive knowledge of portrait photography. 

Please click this link if you are interested in reading more about what you will learn, etc. at this workshop- we have so much fun at these and would love to help you GO PRO!