"You're a wizard, Harry"

Since we are still deep into Harry Potter books and loving it all the while, we decided to pay a visit while in London to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. 

It sounds a bit lame.  


It was one of those parenting moments when you are just bowled over by how awesome kids are. And seeing the kids all amazed at the REAL! HARRY! POTTER! MOVIE! STUFF! was so rewarding. We loved every single second there. Almost every second that is...

Here is a gigantic model of Hogwarts Castle that the filmakers used anytime the exterior of the castle appears in the movie.


Here's Isaac's face when it all hit him: Hogwarts is not a real castle. Not a real place. I'm afraid the magic was ruined for him at this stage of the tour- he said he's okay with everything else being fiction but not Hogwarts!


We tasted the Butterbeer-  holy delicious! And saw the triple decker NightBus that the kids love to talk about.

They knocked on the real #4 Privet Drive!

They got to drive the flying car and manage mischief with the Marauder's map.

Below are the two things there that they found most frightening.

Diagon Alley.

This is me pointing to Daniel Radcliffe's wand box. Right after this Isaac whispered, "I wish I was Harry Potter nad Hagrid would come and tell me I was a wizard."

We treated the kids to a chocolate frog in the giftshop and headed back home. A fabulous day.