Don't mess

Belle is a wonderful gal.  She's always been petite but not too small- it's really just that when you pick her up she weighs about half as much as you think she will. She's lithe, muscular, walks on her tippy toes like a ballerina. Cheerful, happy, sociable and rad.

When belle was barely 3 I saw firsthand a brief glimpse of a new side of her personality- a side I haven't seen since.  

I used to work out at a gym, back when I... liked working out at a gym.  So I'd go a few mornings a week and check the kids in to the kid club and go pretend like I was physically fit.  This was before all my friends joined the same gym, which meant I'd usually wander around all lonely like trying to find some machine to entertain me. 

I had a pretty good workout and decided it was time to leave about an hour later.  I went to pick up the kids, and what did I see when I opened the door to the giant playroom? My eyes went right to Belle. There she was, stradling an 8 year old girl, swinging punches at her face and shoulders, furiously.  

What the...BELLE!!!!!! I screamed her name from across the entire room.  She stopped. Got up. Saw me. Her face lit up with happiness.

"Hi, MOM!"

So... I had to digest this. My 3 year old was wailing on a much bigger kid, and then hopped up like it was just your average day, leaving the 8 year old crying.

I was shocked. I asked Isabelle what she was doing. Her answer?

"Mom, she grab Isaac shirt and pinch him."




I've never seen that side of Belle's since-  but to this day it gives me a little chuckle to think that Izzy could, if she wanted to, take on anyone who hurts her older brother.


From Brasilia, Brazil.