We took a brief trip to Utah this last week, which was so wonderful. The night we got there it snowed- so the next morning, the kids were thrilled to see a winter wonderland. We finally feel like it's Christmas season! Something about the snow just makes it more official.

While there I overhead a very sweet conversation between my mom and Isaac during a very loud, rambunctious birthday party. It went something like this:

Isaac:  GramB, did you know I was adopted?

GramB: Why yes! I did! It was one of the most special days, ever. 

Isaac: *Gasp* it WAS????

GramB: Of course! And I was there to hold you shortly after you were brought home from the hospital! 

Isaac: *gasp* you WERE???? 

GramB: (laughing now) Of course!  You were so tiny--- the smallest baby I'd ever seen!

Isaac: I WAS SOOOO TINY?????


Isn't that the cutest?  I adore sensitive, soul-searching little boys.  Especially ones who commonly trick their relatives into telling them their details on his birth story.