Tonight we are nestled in a quaint little hotel in New Orleans. We've never been to Louisiana before this, and when the opportunity presented itself to drive through and stay a night, we jumped on it. 

So here are my first thoughts... One, that Disneyland gets the look of New Orleans pretty spot on. Sometimes even the smell reminds me of Disneyland. Two, I think it's funny that I'm walking the streets of New Orleans pondering on it's similarities to Disney. Not cool.

Also, food here is yummy. Luckily our friends told us where to go and what to eat. As a foodie, who's food baby belly is totally in the way of my laptop keyboard right now as I type, I can say I loved it.  While sitting in a cafe eating beignets this evening, we were serenaded by a man on the street playing the sax. Here's where my third thought comes in (I allow myself 3 thoughts a day, no more):  Saxaphones need a mute button.

Although we've only explored the French Quarter of New Orleans, and since we have to leave tomorrow that's probably all we will explore, I have decided that it's a wonderful and beautiful place, full of color and an adventurous vibe. It's not everywhere you can buy an aligator burger whilst trying on an aligator hat with real aligator skin whilst also crying your eyes out from that spicy jumbo you just ate. 


From Minnesota. This momma is famous in the kitchen.