Unexpected Expectations

What age were you when you started keeping memories of travels?  It's a hard thing for me to pinpoint, since as a child I always vacationed to either Arizona or Utah, so all the trips blend together. 

I often wonder what our kids will remember from their younger years. My theory is that if I keep showing them pictures of where we've been together and what we've seen, then at least the pictures will help their memories, or become memories themselves. 

There is a beach in New Zealand that Isaac and Izzy will always remember. This is because of what was there that was so unexpected. Hot, steaming water, right under the sand. You can dig into the sand and build yourself a jacuzzi, right on the shore. I wrote about it here. It's a dream for kids and adults alike, and while it was so unexpected, funnily enough, to Isaac it's now expected.

We walked on the beach in San Francisco on Sunday and Isaac wished he had a shovel. "What for?" I asked.  

"To dig up the hot water," he said, simply.


From the stunning beaches of Gold Coast, Australia.