my list

Wanted: House on wheels


Desired specifications: 


  • super comfy bed
  • diesel engine that won't ever break
  • live in chef
  • live in nanny?
  • no repairs ever needed
  • super awesome/horrific mural of elk painted on back end
  • bunk beds
  • large, always stocked refrigerator
  • jacuzzi bath tub for two
  • storage space for bikes and skateboards
  • small puppy included, non barking, non pooping
  • two 38" retina display computer monitors mounted on wall for editing
  • Slurpee machine?
  • air conditioning/heating
  • fire pit.



That's all I'm asking for from Santa!


Photos from Rio de Janiero. We're going back this February and we can hardly wait! Definitely a major highlight of the year.