A client today was quizzing Isaac on his travel preferences. Isaac gets a lot of questions about where is his favorite place to visit; currently he is not hesitating in his answer: Paris.

When he says this to a woman, the woman will in turn be very sweet to Isaac and declare that he must be a romantic. (True.)

When he says this to a man, the man will nearly always declare that he's been meaning to take his wife to Paris for a visit. Isaac will then advise the man to do just that, as Isaac says, "Sooner, rather than later."

Isaac truly is a romantic at heart, and very sincere and sensitive. 

This summer, while picnicing at an incredible Parisian playground, Isaac spied two pigeons. They were trying to mate. Isaac didn't even skip a beat, before he said, "Ahh.... Paris.  Love is all around!"


From New York City, another loved place by Isaac.