We aren't in Kansas anymore

Well, friends, we are now deep into November. How do you feel about this?  I feel pretty good about it, I think Tyler and I are making it through our fall season pretty much in good condition. We've done a lot of driving recently and I'm frankly ready to not do a long drive again for a while; but we are still 3-4 hours away from Phoenix so I simply must be patient. 
In the car today I was reflecting on how time just flies by for an adult, but creeps slowly along for a child. Why is this? Are we just busier as adults, moving from one activity or job to the next? Do we not have enough free time?  Isaac and Isabelle think that Christmas is still lightyears away, but I know I'll blink and it will be here.
It seems like last week that we were driving through Kansas to to a paint war with Meg Duerksen's family in Kansas. But, it was nearly 3 months ago. It's time we showed pictures of the rainbow flinging that went on- her kids were good sports as usual and it was very, very nice to see Meg. She even put us up for the night in her spectacular Craft House. We miss you, Meg!
Have a wonderful week, and may time be on your side.