Happy 7th birthday, Isaac

DEVASTATION!  Our boy is 7! And big! And growing up!

I kid. I am happy to say that I love seven year old Isaac, more than 6 year old Isaac, if that's even possible.  

Sure, he turned 7 a month and a half ago, but.... just now getting to post these pictures. We've been a *bit* behind on picture turnaround and didn't feel right posting these before now!

So:  Kathleen from grosgrainfabulous made Isaac an incredible Hobbit costume to wear while we were in Ireland. To say that the costume is incredible is an understatement. It is perfect and well made in every way. (drop by her site to tell her how amazing she is!) Isaac loves it, so much, and thanks to Tyler reading him The Hobbit during our Europe tour, he got really, really into character.

Check out the pictures below of the cutest, most handsomest-est boy in the world. A boy who loves all things Harry Potter and Hobbit, all things lego, and who goes nutso over a combo of Lego/Harry Potter.  He's a big second grader now, rocking skinny jeans, protecting his little sister, reading a bunch of science books, and enjoying the wild outdoors.

Huge thanks to Tyler for these photos- I was pretty much useless at this shoot, due to my heart going pitter-patter over the extreme cute.