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Traveling with kids:  an adventure. 

Traveling with kids for an extended period of time:  a really big adventure.  

To further expound:  I thought a frank, honest post about how our travels with kids is going might be useful.  Oh man, it is so fun. And also: sometimes I want to shoot my little toe off. BUT this is very rare, honestly. 

First off, when you travel with kids, they are always hovering.  Crowding, climbing on you, pulling your hair or breathing their breath on you.  Especially if your child is Isabelle, and thinks that not only are you a parent, but a climbing pole. (Seriously- why... why does she try to climb on to my head all day? I don't get it?)  But, I consider this a huge compliment. You know, a person must really like you if they want to be climbing on to your head all day. Right?  I'm pretty sure our kids like me a lot. Even though I'm the strict one. But that's a boring story for another day.

So as the kids hover, you as a parent are in charge of:  1) everything.  1a) including finding transportation, food, shelter, directions, bathrooms, lost shoes, etc.

And, you must be in charge while being hovered around. So this is a trick- one which requires great patience. 

I tell myself the following, as Tyler and I travel about with the hoverers.  I tell myself that at least if my kids are hovering, they aren't too far away, being stolen by somebody evil. Which is a huge bonus! So that eases my temporary discomfort a bit. 

Secondly, when you travel with kids, they think they must always know the agenda, down to the minute. This is especially of true with our boy Isaac.  He would honestly LOVE a second-by-second pre-play of the entire week. And then, to be able to get more detailed explanations of each second. And then, when he forgets what we're doing .0004 seconds after it is explained to him, he'd like to be able to ask you again the same exact thing.  I'm just saying-  this may have happened a few jillion times.   So, to get around this, try to either a) know where you are and what you will be doing at all times, or b*) have a generous stash of pre-determined answers to his scheduling questions.  *Warning: this actually doesn't work, at all.

Thirdly, when traveling with kids, always carry with you the following: 1) Fourteen 2 litre bottles of water, although they are heavy.  2) several emergency lunches.  3) a toilet.  4) maps of everything, everywhere.  5) a tv, books, or maybe an ipod or two.  6) all of your luggage, in case Isabelle needs to retrieve something out of it and is very very sad that you didn't bring all of your luggage on this walk through the park.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that our travels with our kids SO FAR have actually been quite smooth. They are really, really good travelers. We previously had it in our heads that they needed ipods in the car during long trips (ie more than 8 hours) to keep them content.  We're happy to say that they are weaned now, and can actually enjoy the scenery out the window and hold decent conversations for hours at a time with no complaining.  How lucky are we? 

Seeing the kids reactions to our experiences, the sights we've seen, the people we've met, etc. has been incredibly rewarding. It's extra special knowing this is a once in a lifetime opportunity- we likely won't be able to do it again (but I hope we can!), and we are trying to take ample pictures of them in action so we can look back at them often and help them retain the memories.

I have learned a huge, HUGE lesson in just the few weeks we've been gone. Kids: they are freaking awesome. You might not think they can handle something. You might worry about how they'll react to really really long day of delayed flights or leaving every single one of their treasures behind for 9 months. And then, you'll see the extreme courage and hardiness and patience they really do store inside of them.  You'll see how flexible and forgiving they really are. 

And then you'll love them more- more than humanly possible.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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