the mother of all design

Today we want to show you some results of the quick trip to France. One shoot we had was with the Gabrielle and Ben Blair family, otherwise known as designmom.  

The Blairs decided last January to move their family of eight to France, because why not? And so they did.  I went to their house in Normandy for a fun Christmas shoot. They rented a little vintage European car, and grabbed some packages, and the following pictures were made.

And I love how they turned out!  Not only did I get to shoot this fun session, but I was also treated to some fabulous French food, a tour of a huge French grocery store, and lots and lots of cuddles with the adorable Blair children. :)

As a short P.S., France was much nicer this time around. It was less crowded, less hot, and there were less nights sleeping under airport benches due to cancelled flights, so.... win!

Don't you just love the baby at the end getting pulled along!?

(thanks go to Audrey, friend of the Blairs for the behind the scenes shots!)