Russell:  Good afternoon. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir? 
Carl Fredricksen: No. 
Russell: I could help you cross the street. 
Carl Fredricksen: No. 
Russell: I could help you cross your yard. 
Carl Fredricksen: No. 
Russell: I could help you cross your porch. 
Carl Fredricksen: No! 
Russell: Ow. 


Raise your hand if you love the movie, "Up".  Now raise your hand if you cried like a baby during the movie "Up". 

Don't worry, Lisa and Geoff Bardot of The Goodness cried, too.  They are huge Pixar fans and love the movie, a lot. So much that when they found out that Bangerter Homes in Utah had built an exact replica of the UP house, they arranged to drive to Utah for their second anniversary and have a shoot inside of it!

And yeah.... we were lucky enough to be the photographers.

I will link to The Goodness to share the backstory and all the details (go read, tons of this shoot's photos there, too), but I will say that Lisa and Geoff put a lot of hard work into this shoot, and it really, really shows. Everything came together so nicely. Everything is so colorful and energetic. We love it!

I will quote one thing Lisa said about the shoot: 

The only way to describe being able to be in that house, sitting in Carl and Ellie’s chairs next to my love, was surreal and amazing. We literally felt like we were in the movie and we were both just so amazed we were able to do this.


Gah!  Sweet, so sweet.

So check out the pictures below, and at Lisa and Geoff's blog, and also see the feature on Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.  

Thank you to the Bardots for this truly amazing experience.

Here are our favorites from each stage of the shoot.




I don't think we've ever posted that many photos in one post. Phew.

And just to let you know, tomorrow brings a new travel schedule for 2012!