Alt Summit- a recap

You know how sometimes, when you are looking forward to something for a few months,  it feels like it will never come? 

And then WHAM it's suddenly over?

That's how I feel about Alt Summit. It simultaneously went by very slow and very fast.  The conference was amazing. Talk about a lot of talent in one place- each panel we listened to was inspiring- very.  I came away from the conference feeling like I can take on the world.  But also, like I really want a good, long nap.  What gives?

Tyler and I were involved with Alt Summit as teachers of a photography class. The class was specifically tailored to Tabletop Photography, which was a fun topic to cover. We loved meeting new friends- friends we hope will last a long time. That is, if they can forgive me for wearing the same pair of shoes twice during the conference. I'm pretty much a walking faux-pax around design bloggers.

Here's the fun part:  The last morning, in the wee hours of dawn, as the Grand America Hotel lay quite dormant... Tyler and I sneaked into the men's bathroom for a few photos. 

What? The bathrooms were amazingly large and full of marble, ok?  You would have done it too.  Er, maybe you would have THOUGHT about it. 

I was so nervous to traipse into the men's room that I almost peed my pants. How's that for irony?