Sometimes, three fourths of the way through telling a story, I realize that it is bombing.  I don't know what to do in this situation.  Do I continue with the dull story?  Or do I just stop mid sentence?

This may be one of those stories.

Wendy is efficient.  She is fast.  She and her best friend cousin have always shortened words.  Instead of Yogurt, they will say yo, and so on.  I have always found it to be the perfect mix of cute and annoying. 

It is like a barking puppy.  So annoying to listen to, but when you go to kick it, it is so cute that you can only bring yourself to punt it a few feet.

Isaac has followed in his mom's footsteps.  Wendy has not coached Isaac in this, which makes it so wonderful.  One day he decided that he would just say beaut instead of beautiful,  and bubs for bubbles.  

Of course, Wendy totally encouraged him.  

Too much.  

He started taking liberties.  Somehow, ice became annor and i want cocoa puffs became nelt.  I just don't

(Get it, because it was a bad story and I opted for the stopping mid sentence.)

P.S. I would never ever kick any animal- I can't even bring myself to kill bugs (true story)- my humor is just really weird.

(Ain't no way to quickly say how freaking awesome these groomsmen were)

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