El Doggo

Should you bring your dog to a session?  Yes.  Yes, you should.  The biggest downside is that I might spend too much time fawning over your pooch. 

Some considerations?  Not everywhere we shoot allows dogs so it’s wise to ask ahead.  Some places allow dogs only on leads, so it’s wise to ask ahead.  

We shot on a farm a few years ago and a dog escaped and was running through horse fields and eating poop and all and all being insanely cute while not giving much of a poop about what we or his people where doing to get him to come back.   Eventually, Wendy yelled treat, which, apparently, was more enticing than poop so he returned to us.  

Moral of the story?  Dogs are hysterical.  I have never had a session where a dog or dogs were brought that I haven’t felt benefitted from it.  Maybe a bit because it just makes me so happy to photograph families in their complete form.  And you know what they say.  A happy photographer doesn’t eat poop.  Wait, what?

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Castle Dale

Between Salt Lake and Goblin Valley there is a town called Castle Dale. There isn’t much out there.  It is high dry desert.  

As we drove by, Izzy noticed the sign for the town and let out a shriek the same pitch as the death knell rings you hear in your ear from time to time, that you may have heard is the last time you will ever hear that note.  I feared it would be the last time I heard.  But, when the ringing subsided I was able to hear a question.

“Can we please please please go there?”


“To the Castle”


“To the castle at Castle Dale,”  this said exasperatedly.  

“Oh, Izzy, there isn’t actually a castle there”

“That’s total clickbait.”

This was maybe the best line I’ve ever heard. 


Photos from Sacramento, CA

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah



It’s officially official.  I’m ancient.  

My dear daughter just estimated the end of World War II as 1987.  I asked, “When did it end, now?”

“Well, I’m not exactly sure, but forever ago.”

Dagger meet heart.  Heart, yes it hurts, but I can’t promise it gets any better.  

Now get off my lawn!

Images from Washington, D.C..

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah

Kansas, Toto!


We just got back from Kansas.  I made the amazingly original and hilarious statement, “We are not in Kansas anymore" upon leaving the state.  I know, I know.  Pretty stellar.

We put on our yearly reunion workshop for photographers who have attended our standard workshop at some point.  

We put it on at Meg Duerksen’s Craft House.  I believe that I am the first man to have ever stepped foot inside.  Don’t ruin this for me with facts, please.  

The house is old and big and beautiful.  Meg has managed to make it inspiring and alive.  

In this setting, I was able to spend four days with old friends.  There is little in life that is more satisfying and important to me than time spent with friends.  

I was overcome with gratitude to them and by extension all of the friends in my life.  I feel so lucky to do a thing that I love and to meet such amazing people along the way.  

It was also so inspiring to me.  I want to live meaningfully.  I want to give love to my friends and let them support me in return.   Thank you friends old and new for adding so deeply to my life.  

Also, this happened