Weekday Workshop! July 6-7th, 2017

Hey friends! We are so excited to announce a (formerly known as goPro Workshop) Weekday Workshop for all interested in taking their photo hobby into a full blown business. Even if you already have a business and want to take it to the next level, this is for you!

Normally these are over a weekend and are $899. But since we can have them in the city we live in now, and we don't need to host people, the price can be much lower, $449!

This a TWO day, intense but really fun workshop for budding photographers and already-in-the-biz photogs who need a lift. Portfolio building, photoshop talk, lighting discussions, the secrets of the biz, etc.

We're arranging a hands-on photo shoot, question and answer periods, lots of helpful info- it will make your head explode. In a good way. Plus, throughout the years of teaching this we've realized that a definite perk of our goPro workshop is the community you join; we have a Facebook group of lots of wonderful past-workshoppers who are still in touch and helping each other out every day. Seriously, this alone would be worth the $449 spent on the 2 day workshop (you will not find a better price for an in person workshop).



Day 1:

Mastering your camera

Finding confidence to go pro

Interacting with clients and keeping them happy

Seeing the light and using it to your advantage

Finding inspiration and how to stay creative and fresh

Business matters- taking it up a notch and pricing structures

Practice shoot where you can see how we interact, plus try it yourself and ask questions

Day 2:

Workflow (Bridge, Camera Raw and Lightroom)

Equipment: what you need and what you don't

Editing: finding your own style and running with it

Blogging and Social Networking



To reserve your spot, email bluelilyphoto@gmail.com.  This workshop is $449 for the two days (UNHEARD OF PRICE), and there will not be housing provided so you will need to find your own if you aren't a local.

We cannot express how much we love teaching these goPro workshops!  See you there! 

 We always have a ton of fun at our workshops! Shenanigans will ensue.

We always have a ton of fun at our workshops! Shenanigans will ensue.

 Me, being thoughtful and helpful during um-posing lessons at a Weekday Workshop in Phoenix.

Me, being thoughtful and helpful during um-posing lessons at a Weekday Workshop in Phoenix.


Happy Tuesday! As I write there is snow falling from the sky, which is one of my favorite things. But it's quite the change from the last two warm weekends I had. This last weekend I went on a trip to Moab! It was amazing. 

While there, I visited Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park. All were amazing.  

We are excited to head back to that general area this weekend with the kids to do some more hiking and exploring in Goblin Valley.  

I love being outside, enjoying nature and I think I might be addicted! 


Returning Home: The process

Today we ended our road trip. It was really, really fun and quite non-stop! Toward the end, I began thinking thoughts like, "I miss my bedroom. More specifically, I miss the bedroom door. That has a lock on it. To keep the kids out. So they can't be in my face all the time. Talking. Incessantly. Yeah, I'm ready to be home." Hahah!

Seriously though, the kids were great and easy. Just verrrrrrrry talkative, which is great! I am so glad they feel welcome to share SO MANY OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS. Oh so many! And the questions?! SO MANY QUESTIONS! You guys would not believe it. Unless you have talkative preteens yourself. Then you hear me. Let's e-hug in solidarity.

Now that we are home, it's time to de-tox, unpack, and catch up with work and homework. Are you the kind of person that unpacks immediately? I am. It annoys my family. 

Truthfully, we rolled into town and didn't even go straight home. We went to the park so the wild animals (children) could work out their wiggles and I could work out my EXTREME SCIATIC PAIN that is back in full force. (Not to whine or anything, but do you pity me yet?) Then we went to the library for new books. And now it's time to go home, unpack and lock my bedroom door! 


Have a great Wednesday, everyone. 

Images from Alpine Loop, Utah.

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah

Road trip!

With work going on this weekend in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA, I took the opportunity to take the kids out of school and have a fun road trip down to our old stomping grounds. On the drive from Utah to California, we visited a couple of awesome locations! 

First up, we pulled off in St. George and headed to Snow Canyon State Park. This place was amazingly beautiful and easy to access; the kids absolutely loved it.  We had enough time to visit the petrified dunes, the sand dunes, and had plans to do Jenny's canyon. Unfortunately a bee sting on Izzy's poor finger put a quick ending to the visit.  

I highly recommend this place for anyone driving through- we will probably stop by again on the way back!  


The second stop was called Seven Magic Mountains, just south of Las Vegas. It's a really cool art installation in the middle of the desert. This stop took us off the road about 5 minutes, and we only spent around 5 minutes. Nice little stop!  


Pictures below of our adventures. It really was such a good day.